Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another letter from Frances, later the same day

On Friday I received an email from a Commander Zobel at the Douglas MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, VA, who had found Maj. Gillham mentioned among the Memorial's files and records.  He asked for my mailing address and promised to send along Maj. Gillham's "whole record," whatever that may be.  Nonetheless, it should be very interesting to see what records were kept.  Cmd. Zobel was able to say that he had found records in the Statistics Division, which, as we all know now, was the division where Maj. Gillham worked.  I will let you all know when I received the documents.

Today's letter is again from Frances, and it was written on the same day as yesterday's posted letter, just later in the day.

Jan. 12

Dearest Darling,

We have returned from the ballet.  It was good, but not as colorful as the one we saw in Chicago.  However, it was far more interesting to Emily and Monty.  They recognized the arabesque and all the other basic movements that they have leared.  My only regret was that you couldn't have been there with us to enjoy their enthusiasm.

When we came home, they got out their ballet slippers and performed for the family.  Margaret couldn't dance on her toes, so she announced that she was going to do a heel dance.  Martha gets up and dances as big as the others, too.  She keeps time with her arms and sways her cute little body and squeals with delight with all the delicious excitement of it all.

Bryant is all in the crusading mood.  She is trying to get the family to go to church and work in the church.  Before she started on me, I told her that I feel unreligious and that going to church would be a false sham.  You know me when anyone tries to church me!  However, I am really just resting up from having a Sunday school class at Robles.

Well, it is hard to say which would be best to do -- whether to meet you in California or here.  It depends on where you would like to go for a vacation.  What would you like to do?  Go to Canada?  Victoria, Lake Louise, Banff, or Florida or the Great Smokies?  Isn't it fun to be able to consider a vacation again!

The children's school closes about the first week in June.  They can stay with Mother if you get home earlier.

Bryant hopes to go to Carl or have him home soon.  Gee, I hope it will work out for them soon.  She needs Carl and a home more than anyone else I know.

Yes, I think it is wise to leave the furniture in storage, too.  Unless things get terrible -- which I don't think they will -- we'll just stay here with Mother.  I couldn't begin to live that cheaply alone.

The children have lessons every night.  It's hard to get used to that.

I am going out to Fort McPherson in the morning and get a card to the commissary and the PX, and get set up with the doctors.  Martha's formula will have to be changed soon.

Betty Lemly lives in East Point.  She has invited Martha and me out to lunch with her as I am going to be out that way.  She might as well live in Jackson as far as seeing anything of her.

They have a telephone strike on here.  All the Hemlock, Jackson, and other manual exchanges are out of order.  Fortunately, ours is dial and we've been able to get most everyone we've needed to.

Did I tell you that they have divided the Highland Avenue streetcar line?  They've taken the street cars off and replaced them with electric buses.  Ours runs to the Hurt Building, then to the Candler Building and back down Houston Street.  It comes on out Highland to Ponce de Leon, makes a loop around the block and starts back to town.  We have to get off and transfer to get to Rich's now, or walk six blocks.  The other end goes out Forest Road to Highland then on out Highland to Morningside, etc.

The weather has been up to 62 degrees for four or five days.  All the buds are about to burst out.  Then today it has been almost freezing.

Mr. Weisinger is the only phone connection I've seen.  He is past connection, but I will try to before long.

Darling, I love you more all the time.  You are such an intelligent, wise and far-sighted person.  I am glad that you are my husband.  You help me to see, to judge and to enjoy everything more fully.

Much love to you from all of your girls.