Thursday, June 10, 2010

More "News from Lake Washita"

Here's another great letter from Frances with all the goings-on in her little corner of Atlanta.  In this letter she talks about some 8mm film she had developed, and I know exactly the roll she is talking about.  I am sure some of the family will remember this film, as well, especially regarding Martha's face being licked by a dog.  It is fascinating to hear the stories behind the films that I have seen my whole life.  If I was a savvy blogger, I would digitize the film, upload it onto YouTube and put a link to it on this blog.  Well, maybe one day.

Feb 26, 1946

Dearest My Love,

The phone call the other night has meant so much to me.  All during the day, at odd moments or when I am busy, I can think of it.  When I do, the thought of it sends a thrill all through me.  For weeks after the first time you kissed me I would have a similar kind of thrill run thru me, when I would recall the moment.

In your last letter you wrote an answer to one I had written you concerning Paul Wright.  The three propositions you suggested might sound romantic if they referred to someone else or if I were reading about them in a book.  To me now, they mean a longer separation from you and that isn't romantic in the least bit.  I had rather starve with you than to have plenty of money and you sitting halfway around the world from me.  It'd be lots more fun starving with you than getting rich by myself.  I am ready for you to be discharged today and come home fast as you can.

However, whatever you decide to do in light of the situation at the time you have to make a decision will be fine with me.  You make such good decisions and all that you have made have been the best for all of us.  I rely upon your judgment, for you are wise and just.  And I love you for it.

Last night Bob Haggart, Carl's runner-up for Bryant's affections, came by to see her.  His father is a commadore and is in charge of the Naval Training Station at San Diego.  Bob is getting married soon and he came by to tell Bryant about it.  Bryant is so very happy that she is Mrs. T.C. Moore.  She is worrying now that she was silly enough to ever like Bob!

Our little scrap is a thing of the past.  We are great friends, Bryant and me.  She has given up Grey Lady work and started getting a trousseau ready for Carl's return.  That in itself is a leveling agent for any woman.  When shall I start to get ready for you?

Marthat is getting two more upper teeth.  She is wearing training panties now.  Yesterday she had only one pair of wet panties.  You have a daughter of whom you can be justly proud.

The color film you took of the pumpkins and Martha with Jimmie came back yesterday.  It is the best we have done in years.  There isn't a bit that needs splicing.  Martha is darling, Jimmie licked her just right.  The pumpkin and the children is perfect.  The colors are just as they should be.  Monty has on blue sweater and red skirt, the pumpkin is yellow, Lynn is in brown, Emily in blue.  The three girls somewhat overshadowed poor Jimmie.

I took some lovely shots of the fishing boats at Monterey.  The camera was running slowly, so I reduced the lens, but didn't realized that panning would be jumpy.  The lights are perfect but the panning is terrible.

Dr. Pendergrast, the family pharmacist, said he's order me some Kodachrome film.  I hope I can get it in time for the spring.  Mother's yellow bushes are in full bloom.  Father's red camellia bush is a wonderful movie shot and me sitting around with black and white in the camera!   Woe is me!  Gr-r-r!

I am planning to get some shots of Glen Memorial Church, Stone Mountain and some characteristic scenes around Atlanta.

Mr. Weisigen isn't at Oglethorpe any longer.  It kept him in the grindstone too closely.  He and Ed Clement can't afford to let their business interfere with their civic activities.  He has been busy with the recent Brotherhood conference, the YMCA membership drive and about six other similar activities.  He does them well because he enjoys them.

I am glad you didn't move out of the Dai Ichi Bldg.  You need all the breaks you can get.  You've had hardships long enough.

I bought a stamp pad.  The girls have a lovely time stamping their dolls and their "rubber foots."

Glory be!  I was called to the phone and it was Webster Nubanks, Elizabeth's boyfriend.  He said that he'd been to the Eastman Kodak place and bought me a roll of Kodachrome!!  He was out last night when I was showing the film.  I asked him to get me some if he could.  He's trying to make as much time with the family as he is with Eliz.  Which is wonderful for us but not so fine for her.  His tactics are much the same as Peyton's.  Eliz. is treating him just as I did Peyton.  Only Eliz. doesn't have a handsome Bill Gillham that she can fall in love with and marry.

Unfortunately, too, she doesn't know how to keep several boys interested at the same time until she can find the one she likes best.  She has eliminated all except Webster and yet isn't satisfied with him.  She lets him take her everywhere -- church, Sunday School, parties, and all the boys know she's going steady and they leave her alone.  Bryant and I have tried to explain these things to her, but we've finally decided to let her row her own boat.

Thanks for the little charm from Nikko.  I took it in to Bryant and let her use it on her side.  It has been paining her terribly since her illness.

Pop is going to Chicago next week to a convention.  He will stay at the Congress Hotel, just north of the Stevens on Michigan.  He was asking me to tell him points of interest to see.  In doing so, Emily and I got most interested in going back ourselves -- just for a visit.  Time is the great healer of wounds to the flesh and spirit, I should think!

All my love,