Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Holsenbeck kids have a reunion

Today we hear from Frances again, and she is impatiently waiting out the days before Maj. Gillham comes home.  I believe the "fat old man" she refers to belowe is actually the brass statue of Hotei, which is one of the Japanese Seven Lucky Gods that I wrote about in an earlier post.  This statue is at our home in Crosswicks, sitting at the moment on the bookcase at the bottom of the attic stairs.  Also, Camp Civitania plays a big part in the lives of the Gillham family later on.  It is now called Camp Timber Ridge, and it is located near Austell, GA.  Also, notice that Frances foresees the Holsenbeck clan getting together at a later date -- we've been getting together ever since!

Dearest Angel Darling,

Last night I dreamed that you had come home at last.  I met you at the front door.  Then we sat on the couch and kissed me again like you did once before long ago. It was such a blissful delightful dream that I have been feeling happy all the day!

Your box of clothes and the second box of swords came today.  When I took out your shoes I got all weak inside.  All the lovely presents you have sent home have been impersonal, but your shoes have the creases in them that your feet made.  They were once a part of you and they seemed very personal to me today when I opened the box.  You'd best hurry home soon, darling.  I am so anxious to see you.

We have the fat old man with the pot-bellied stomach sitting on the mantel.  Mother thinks he is horrible, but she went straight to the living room and put him in a place of honor.  On the other side of the mantel is the large brass incense burner.  Between them are two brass candle sticks and a little brass bowl.

I just love the five tea cups you sent this time.  One of them was broken, but I can fix it.  Besides the little lacquer lunch box you sent the girls, it is the only thing that has arrived broken.  The tiny vase is just darling.  That seems to be everyone's favorite.  Father likes the ornate card box.  What do they use the little lacquer box that is strung together for?

Dan came down for the week-end. Bryant, Carl and Margaret were here, too.  Elizabeth had to sleep at Miss Pearl's, but other than that, we were all bedded down comfortably and had a fine time.  We certainly missed you and Nancy.  Some day I hope we can all get together with all our children and have an opportunity to know each other.

Dan was impressed with all our brass and china.  He surely appreciated the knife and things you sent them.  He wanted to take some of the brass home with him, but I told him that I was waiting until you come before I give anything away.

Today when the girls went to dancing, the teacher had their costumes ready for them.  Friday night they are going to dance at the school in Lawrenceville for some kind of benefit.  Emily has done something like this before, but Monty is beside herself with excitement.  A brand new gold satin costume trimmed in red tartan, a chance to dance on the stage is something great in her life.  Their formal recital will be on June 19.  If you can't get home by then, the girls will be simply delighted to give you a special performance.

Not knowing what your plans were to be this summer, I just went ahead and made plans to send Emily to Camp Civitania July 1-14.  I had to register her on May 1.  Ever since she didn't get to go to camp in La Jolla she has been anxious to go.

The other day Mrs. Lovett and I took the Girl Scouts up to the top of the city hall to see the city.  They started throwing pennies and nickels down to the sidewalk and then they all ran down sixteen flights of steps to see if they could get the money before anyone else found it.  Then we went to the capitol to see the museum and the legislative rooms.  One girl decided that she had to get the autograph of one of the judges.  That set the whole crowd of them scurrying up and down stairs, in and out of offices, asking, "Are you important? I want your autograph."

Two letters that I wrote to you to Tokyo were returned.  Also, you received one from Wilson.  I will send them on to you.