Saturday, May 22, 2010

The boxes from Robles arrive at 992 Washita

Today Frances answers some of the letters that she has just received from Nikko.  I am also including a short letter from Emily which was mailed in a separate envelope but was dated the same as Frances' letter.

Feb. 18, 1946

Dearest My Love,

Today I received three letters from you and so I feel just wonderful!  Two of them were written at the rest camp.  One told of your experience on skis when nature called you.  Poor dear!  I really felt for you, but I certainly enjoyed a good laugh out of the story.  I'd have laughed so hard if I had been there that you would have had to pull me out of the snow.

Well, I am glad you received the second Christmas box finally.  All I can remember that I sent was the calendar.  I had so much fun thinking up things to put on the pages.

Maybe you should go around with George Bull and see Japan!  However, I can't imagine his being a better sightseer than you.

Aren't you smart!  I'm proud of you writing so well that the Chief of Staff used your sentences complete.  I think they are intelligent men to recognize your ability.  I just wish Dad could have known about your work.  He would have enjoyed knowing you had developed so well in that way.

The stuff came today.  I have my things cluttering up my room again!  I was able to put around the house, two pieces in the basement, two on the back porch -- the big box and the old trunk -- your two gas mask boxes in the attic, and the footlockers in the hall and in the bedroom.

I used the washing machine today.  I have to arrange some way to drain the rinse tub as I don't have it our of doors and I miss your nice drain pipe.

The pictures you sent were interesting.  We've enjoyed looking at them.  Have you ever received the two rolls of film I sent you?

Martha's box contained a darling little Japanese girl with writing equipment, the tiger with the wobbly head, and the cap.  Also, her kimono arrived.

I am delighted that you have mailed Margaret a birthday present.  You are smart.

All my love,


P.S. I guess I'll have to read "Pastures of Heaven" to see what you are talking about.  It interests me.  FHG


February 18, 1946

Dear Daddy,

How are you getting along with your skiing?  It sounds very interesting.

Today at school we got a new arithmetic book.  It is very modern and easy to understand.

Sunday we went to North Fulton Park and played.  We had a wonderful time.

At Sunday school a man showed us some slides of Mexico.  He went down there for Christmas.  The slides showed the celebration of Christmas in Mexico.

Lots of love,

Emily Gillham