Saturday, January 14, 2012

Frances receives word of Maj. Gillham's departure

Today Frances finally gets word of her husband's long-awaited departure from Japan.  Her spirits have lifted and now their reunion is in sight.  I thoroughly believe her when she writes, "I feel wonderful."  After a few requests for purchases in the Canal Zone, the letter reverts to the chatty updates we are used to, but there is a definite lift in the overall tone.   

May 15, 1946
Angel, My Own Love,

I was delighted to get your letter mailed May 7 saying that you were on your way home!  No sweeter words could reach my eyes.

I had not written to you for several days because you said you would be leaving by the 10th anyway.

With no sight of you and no letters to write to you I felt that I was all alone!  Now I can write to you again and I know you are definitely on your way.  I feel wonderful.

I think it is fine that you are getting a long sea voyage on a nice ship, and that you are stopping in Honolulu and Balboa.  You always could manage to do interesting things.  The trip will probably rest you and help your arthritis, too.  I surely hope so.

Now -- there is a hitch in your coming through Balboa though!  There is a commissary there that handles British and French goods tax free -- as Mexico does.  I would like a new sweater size 34.  I bought a lovely yellow one in Mexico several years ago.  This spring I rubbed holes in it under the arms from wearing it.  Yellow, green, blue or pink will be most acceptable.  Also, you might get us both some nice woolen socks.  Mine are size 10 or 9-1/2.  And too, some Lanvin French perfune is extra fine.  They handle Spode and Wedgewood English china.  However, I don't need china. I have a very lovely 93 piece set of Noritake that my own true love sent me.

While you are in Honolulu I hope you can go to the Pali and on a tour of Oahu.

Here I am filling this letter with things for you to do.  I'll stop now and write of the children.  Martha is up again and over with the measles.  She is still weak as she frets and tires easily.  I am glad to say she hasn't had a relapse of any kind so far.

Sunday I took Emily with me to hear the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra.  We took your binculars and enjoyed seeing the orchestra as well as listening!!

The two girls are going to be in a dance recital June 19 at Druid Hills High School.  The teacher is making all the costumes and they are lovely.

Emily will be in two numbers.  One in the tap dancing class with Monty and the other in the advanced toe dancing class.  Each little girl has a boy to hold her while she pirouettes around.

At school the children in Emily's room are at the newspaper writing age.  I remember going through it and having more fun.

Emily wrote the marriages, want ads, funeral notices, etc., last night.  In the funeral notices she had that one of the girls in the class had died of curiosity.

Yesterday when Emily and I came home from scout meeting we found Monty sitting on the front steps watching two buckets fill up with rain water.  She put what she caught in a bottle and took it to school today.

Monday night Elizabeth, I and two other girls went to Glen Memorial Church to hear the Emory Glee Club give a recital.  It was free. Dr. Smart was there, our friend who came to Chicago to preach one Sunday.

Pierre van Paasen is speaking tonight at the Erlanger.  Mother wants to hear him.

I know you decided that coming home to the states was preferable in our case to our going out to be with you.  I am satisfied with your decision and I am pleased as punch that I will see you soon, my darling.

Do you notice Martha's scribblings on the paper?  She is especially cross and fretful just now.  I will close this letter now, but I will be thinking about you constantly.

Wish I could fly to Honolulu and occupy the other bunk in your cabin for the rest of the trip back. Wouldn't it be lovely!

All my love,