Thursday, August 19, 2010

April Fools Day letter from Japan

This is an April Fools Day letter from Maj. Gillham, but there is no prank in it.  He tells of his visit to the mountains with his friend Wilson and a package he received from Frances.

He talks about Russell McPhail chocolates, which I wasn't able to find anything about on the Web.  Apparently, though, they shared some of it at one time during their courtship or married life, since it brought back memories for Maj. Gillham.  And also, we find out that the two of them met on April 6, but I would have to ask Monty, Emily or Martha about what year that would have been.

1 Apr 46

Dearest Lovely,

I wonder how my little darling is on this fine April Fools Day?  Did you get any jokes played on you?  I'll bet you did with all those children around.

Today the package mailed 11 Feb and marked "Special Delivery" came.  It contained the cigarettes, bittersweet chocolate drops, mints, the jellies in the pretty little bottles, the GW coffee, and the Russell McPhail Chocolates.  The last item brought more than just the chocolate itself -- it brought many happy memories also.  Thank you very much for it all.  The package came thru in good condition.  And thanks also for the Valentine.  Too bad we couldn't have been together and gone to all those places together.

This weekend Wilson and I went to Miyanoshita and spent the night at a Japanese hotel.  Miyanoshita is a resort down in the mountains near Fujiyama.  There is also a big western style hotel there, a very fine one, that has been taken over by the Army for a rest center.  We rode on a cable car and climbed around the mountains.  It is beautiful country.  The plum trees were in bloom and I think the cherries will be out in about another week.  There were some interesting shops there, but everything was so high that I got disgusted and wouldn't buy anything.  Sunday we didn't have a car but I ran into Barron and borrowed one from him and we drove back in the mountains to a beautiful lake with Fuji behind it.  I took some pictures and hope they turn out good.  Today I felt greatly rested and refreshed, as a result of the trip.

I just received a notice from Coronet that Mother 'Cile had given me a subscription.  I haven't received the magazine yet but don't know of any I had rather have.  I was certainly nice of her.

You write me such sweet letters that I am afraid mine sound prosaic and matter-of-fact.  I would like to make them ring with poetry, for the thought of you stirs a song in my heart.  I am sending you a little message via the bank at Charlottesville.  I hope it reaches you by 6 Apr, for the day that I met you was truly a great day in my life.

By the time this reaches you, I will have been away about six months.  I hope, and don't think it will be, much longer.

I will try to get the pearls for Bryant and the kimono for Margaret off tomorrow.  I think it is fine that Carl can get home.  Does he expect a stateside tour now?

Loads of love,


P.S.  In the "valentine" I notice that "San Antonio" was on at the Fox.  I just went to see it downstairs.  It was good "shoot 'em up" Western in Technicolor.  The final rounds of the gun fight were in the ruins of the Alamo.  I wish I could have had you by my side, but at least I could "remember the Alamo."   WTG