Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A quick note about Martha's potty training

Today's letter is a quick one from Frances recounting Martha's potty-training exploits.  The third paragraph is classic Frances, saying how she first reads Maj. Gillham's letters herself and then reads "excerpts" to the children.  I am sure she omitted the mushy stuff seamlessly and never gave the children the impression that anything was missing.  Also, I wonder if the Avery she mentions in the last paragraph is Avery Shearouse, whose brother Frances married after Maj. Gillham died in 1978.

Feb. 5, 1946


Two letters arrived from you this morning.  One was postmarked Jan. 19.  The other was mailed Jan. 24.

In the one written Jan. 19 you wrote about your trip thru the fish market and your visit with the Japanese businessman who gave you sake.

You write such entertaining, interesting letters.  The family can hardly wait for me to read your letters first so I can then read them interesting excerpts from them.

Your second letter told of your trip with Capt. Lehman in the jeep.  I know Bill was delighted to see you.  He needs someone like you to surprise him once in a while.  Goodness me, wouldn't it be just wonderful if you could get in the jeep one morning and drive over to have lunch with me!  I guess if you did, I'd try to keep you.  I know once we get together again, I will be worse than a leech to get rid of!  This separation idea might sound good in print, but it surely goes thin with much use.

This morning Martha was a smart girl.  She performed beautifully upon her potty chair.  Because I clapped for her and made so much over her and the chair, she decided to play with the chair.  Soon, I heard a terrified scream from Martha.  I discovered that she had pushed the pot out, stepped into the hole with both feet and tried to sit down on the floor.  It took me fully five minutes to extricate her.  I couldn't pull it off over her head nor slip her out.  Her hips held her there.  I finally managed to push it down over her hips.

The girls and I are going out to visit Avery and her brood this afternoon.  I will be sure to watch for the coffee table!