Monday, July 5, 2010

Frances plans a trip to Memphis

In this letter Frances tells of her plans to finally visit Memphis, where she was unable to go on her trip in from California in December.  Also, she talks of the International Monetary Fund meeting in Savannah, which is interesting, since it was the first peace-time meeting since the Fund had been founded at the Bretton Woods Conference in July 1944.

She also mentions an article that Mother 'Cile cut out of the paper, and it was still in the envelope when I got it.  I scan it with my new scanner and place it at the end of the letter.  There is also a small photo and caption that was included as well.

March 10, 1946

Dearest, My Love,

It seems that the time is right for me to go to Memphis.  I wrote Elizabeth and asked her if I could come this weekend.  I wanted to leave Friday and come back Monday.  The hour after I mailed the letter, Martha came down with fever.  Her fever was high for several days.  Then, she broke out with German measles.

Now Martha is up and feeling fine.  So, Monty went to bed this afternoon with a fever of 102.

I had the doctor look at Martha the other day.  So, I called him and asked him to check Monty in the morning and to see Martha's spots.

I am mailing Cora your present anyway, so she will get in whether I go up or not.

Mrs. Wright said that the adjuster had been out to see about the roof, but nothing had been done.  I have written about it to Mr. Mason but have had no reply.  I shall write to him again.

Your letters came on Monday morning, all in a bunch.  This past Monday I received two letters.  They were written long before you called me.  I feel like you, that it is terribly hard to accomplish much by mail when it is so irregular.  I am looking forward to some letters tomorrow, as tomorrow is Monday.

When we lived in California, the peace conference was held in San Francisco.  Now I am in Georgia and the international monetary convention is being held in Savannah.

Lady Astor visited in Savannah recently and said it was a lady with a dirty face.  It infuriated the town officials but they got busy and cleaned it up for the convention.

Enclosed is an article that Mother cut out.  We were wondering if you had written the original report on the silk situation.

The parachute silk and the blue silk you sent are lovely.  I can hardly wait to make something with it.  You have been wonderful about sending me such lovely, lovely presents.

Mother Ki reads all the books that Emily gets from the library.  They are nice, interesting stories and are usually in large print.  She and Emily have a big time discussing the stories.

Tell me about your trip to Hiroshima.  How long were you gone?  How does it look now?  I am interested to hear about it.

Last week I had the two wisdom teeth out one day and the monthly trouble the next.  It took the wind out of my sails and I am just coming about after flopping all week.

Darling, I may not appreciate the obi you sent me, but it doesn't seem to suit with the lovely kimono you sent.  The obi seems coarse and the wrong color.  Could you find me another one?  The kimono is orange, tan and aqua.  I think an obi of aqua might be more attractive.  Of course, my judgment is entirely occidental and may not be in accord with the oriental scheme of color arrangement.

I love you, darling.  I miss you all the time.  You are such a dear.

All my love,



Here are the two pieces that Mother 'Cile cut out from the Atlanta Constitution and that Frances enclosed in the letter.  The pieces are from the February 25, 1946, edition.  Be sure to click on each for a legible version.  You may have to click on it a second time once the new image appears.