Friday, April 9, 2010

Maj. Gillham receives a package from home

Here is another quick letter from Maj. Gillham, this time letting Frances know that his cold is behind him and that he has received her package.

21 Jan 46

Dearest Darling,

I think I am on the upper part of my curve now, for I am feeling much better.  In addition, several nice things have happened to me lately.  In the first place, I am planning to take off tomorrow and that makes the future brighter.  Then today I got your card from Capistrano and the first box that you sent me.  Tonight I found that I had won a good 15-jewel wrist watch in a PX raffle.

Thanks a thousand times for the nice box.  It looked like a steam roller had run over it but everything was in good shape.  The little decoration is pretty and cheerful and I have hung it on my wall.  The light bulb was intact and although I don't need it as badly as when I first requested it, I am still glad to have it.  The toothpicks were a pleasant surprise.  I was wondering the other day why I hadn't put some in my foot locker.  The sox are a perfect fit, and very appropriate, since I am wearing low shoes here more than I had expected to.  And you know the dates and apricots hit the spot with me.  There is nothing available in Japan in any way similar to them.  I am only afraid they won't last long enough.  Although I am only drinking chlorinated water at present, I am sure the little cork coasters will come in handy.  Thanks again so much.  It makes me feel like I have almost had a little visit with you.  The little packages were very pretty and look like you must have had some smart helpers.

The watch I got is a 15-jewel Swiss.  I think it is a good one.  Now I must try to get Dan's watch back to him without anything happening to it, but I won't mail it.

Now that I have arranged to get off tomorrow, it has started raining.  I am going to get a jeep and do a little scouting anyhow.  I think I will drive myself -- wonder how I will get along driving on the left.  I haven't tried it yet.

Also, today I got my Christmas present from the Telephone Co.  A book called "I'll Try Anything Twice," looks like good light reading.  It was sent to Chicago.  I have sent them a number of address-change notices, but they seem to have a wrong file.

The only trouble with getting a letter that comes very quickly, like my last from you, is that then it is always several days before you get another one.

I love you, my little darling.  You have become the center of my universe, and all my plans, hopes, and desires revolve in relation to you.  You still remain my most successful venture.  I can always say that at least once I bet on the right horse -- a 100% winner by ten lengths.  And I have already cashed in much happiness and satisfaction on that ticket, and see no reason why it should not continue to pay off.  There!  Have you ever been compared to a horse before?  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the race, too.

Lots of love,



As I had mentioned before, the Japanese drive on the left side of the road, and it has nothing to do with British influence.  The practice dates back centuries to samurai warriors that would pass each other on the left so that the hilts of their swords would touch, thereby making it difficult for a (presumably right-handed) warrior to unlimber his sword against the other. 

The book I'll Try Anything Twice was written by legendary sportswriter Fred Russell in 1945.  Russell was based in Nashville, TN, but was well-known nationally and wrote in the traditional manner of such greats as Red Smith, Grantland Rice and Ring Lardner.  This book was actually a follow-up to his spectacularly popular first effort from 1944, I'll Go Quietly, which was written primarily for the armed forces in World War II as a form of entertainment during their duties.