Sunday, February 7, 2010

A short letter written at the office.

I apologize, gentle readers, for the extended hiatus between postings.  I had been entertaining my parents at my condo in Atlanta earlier in the week and have been on the road the last three days (including driving through the snowy Appalachians).  My next blog entry may not be until Tuesday, when I arrive in Crosswicks, NJ, and will have full use of my new wireless laptop.

Here is a quick letter that Maj. Gillham wrote at the office, mainly concerning household finances and a few references that are now obscure.  The allusion to Japanese umbrellas makes me think of what my grandfather once told me about his friend George Bull (mentioned in earlier posts):  He was so tall that he could see over a crowd of Japanese, even when they were carrying umbrellas.

30 Nov 45

Dearest Darling,

Recevied two of your letters today which were mailed on 6 Nov to the old APO.  They must have been help up in forwarding.  I guess that is about all now from the old APO.

I was paid today and I sent you $50 by a finance officer's check.  It will go direct to you at Atlanta.  After I pay my rations and the $100 bond now I only draw $77 per month, but it is ample.  You can used the $50 for Christmas or whatever you wish -- only get you something nice from me.

It was too bad about the plates!  Quite a coincidence.

The money will take about three or four weeks to get to Atlanta, I am informed.

Yesterday afternoon I prowled around Tokyo some.  It was raining and all the Japs carry umbrellas.

Wrote Wasson a letter today.

This is just a note at the office, but I wnt to get it off before I return to the hotel.

Lots of love,



Nichole said...

I just stumbled upon your blog while doing research for my novel. My Grandmother worked for the occupation forces in Tokyo from '49-'52 and left behind tons of pictures, documents, and even some film reels. I've been piecing her life together and have started work on a novel about her life. Unfortunately I do not have any letters she wrote, just photos. If you would like to see some I can provide them. I hope you don't mind me reading to get a better picture of Tokyo at the time. I will credit you!

Russell Caldwell said...

Thanks for reading my blog and becoming a Follower. Of course you can read along as I post the letters. I'd be interested to hear more about your grandmother's experience during the Occupation and about your novel. My grandfather left behind a limited number of photos, which I am currently scanning for this blog, so I would be interested to see any other photos and materials you might have. You can email me at