Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last letter of the year, written at the office

We now have 21 followers, and I'd like to welcome our two new followers from Ft. Worth, TX, and Annandale, VA.  Just as a reminder, please feel free to use the comment feature found at the end of each post, if you feel so inclined.  You can comment on the letters themselves, the layout of the blog, or you can let me know if we run out of hand soap or toilet paper.

My mother (the "Monty" in these letters) and I have spent the last few days organizing all the letters in binders.  It's a slow process, especially for Mom, because she always has to stop and read all the letters.  But as of this writing all the letters are bound and labeled properly, and I have been making some more scans of photos and memorabilia. 

Not including Frances' letter from yesterday's post, her first letter in our collection is dated January 14, so it will be a few more days before the correspondence gets rolling.  In the meantime, we will pick up where we left Maj. Gillham, fighting a cold and reading letters from the family on their trek east.

Today's letter is a short one and probably should have gone together with Monday's post, since it is dated December 31 as well.  This letter was written first, at the office, and if you go back to Monday's post (March 1), you'll notice that he references today's letter in that letter.  Remember, he's still not sure if Pop is even going with the family on their trip, but he's sending along $100 for Pop's airfare to California just the same.   

31 Dec 1945
at office

Dearest Love,

Just a note to send the enclosed promptly.  It is mainly to cover cost of Father's ticket.  I have a little more money on hand than I need, as I don't use much here.  I hope I can send you some every month, so after you get straightened out financially, save as much as you can, so we can get a new car when they are available.

I hope you have a happy birthday tomorrow.  I know you will enjoy celebrating it with your family.

I have sent several packages during the past month.  One by parcel post containing mostly brass objects; three by 1st class mail -- one to Martha, one to Emily and Monty, and one to you containing a kimono; and one by air mail to Emily containing some pearls.

Let me know when they are received.

I haven't yet received the packages you sent from Calif., but I guess the Christmas mails are rushed.

I have had no letter from you in about a week.

My cold is better, but still with me.

Saw Geo. Bull yesterday.

The weather is cold but generally fair and pleasant.  We have a holiday tomorrow.  I have no definite plans, as I am trying to get rid of this cold.

Our work is slack right now, but in another week we will be rushed again.

Very much love to my very sweet wife.


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