Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The second letter of 1946

After today's post, I will be away from my laptop for a couple of days and should make my next post this Friday.  I am driving back down to Georgia and spending Thursday night with my cousin Missy in Durham, NC.  She is the daughter of Dan Holsenbeck, Frances' brother.  Her given name is Bryant Holsenbeck, and she was named after Dan and Frances' sister.  Missy is also a blogger and is currently running a blog about her experiment with living without plastic for a year.

I will also get to see John Coppersmith, an old high-school friend that I rediscovered on facebook after a 30-year hiatus.  He lives in Raleigh and is also a blogger, although I'm not sure at this point what he's blogging about.  He is a fellow Follower of this blog, so you will all get to meet him at the reunion in Bermuda.

Today's letter is not long or earth-shattering, and it takes us down several familiar paths, including family finances. 

3 Jan 1946

My Dear Little Sweetheart,

I wonder how you are tonight?  I hope that all is well with you, for I can't bear to think of it being otherwise.  You certainly deserve the best.

I am glad that you found a pin that you liked.  I would certainly have enjoyed giving it to you in person.

I am axious to learn how your trip finally came out.

I am still fighting this cold.  We can buy plenty of canned fruit juices at the PX and I am drinking a can every night.  Although our diet is very good, I believe it is a little short on certain vitamins, due to its nature.  We get very few fresh or green items.

If you could send me a bottle of vitamin pills it might help.  But send it first class air mail.  I have about decided that any other method of mailing isn't worth the trouble.

The Japanese are certainly not a lazy people.  The seem to be instinctively industrious.  They are making good progress at cleaning up and starting to rebuild Tokyo.

How are your finances?  You should have a $50 finance officer's check, and a $100 money order from me by now.  Also, you should have received about three $100 bonds (for Oct, Nov, + Dec).  Let me know if you haven't gotten these things.  How does Mother's account stand at the end of the year?  Did you get straightened out with the Manhattan Bank?

I have started counting the days now until I will be with you again, my love.  It is nice to have something beautiful to look forward to.

I love you with all my heart.


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