Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maj. Gillham answers Frances' letters (which we've just read)

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In today's letter we find out the actual fate of the letters that Maj. Gillham had sent to Frances via General Delivery in cities along the family's route to Atlanta.  We also find out a little more about his upcoming trip to Nikko.

25 Jan 1946

Dearest Love,

I sent on to you today my letter to you at La Jolla which was returned.  I am sorry you didn't get my letters while you were en route.  I had spotted them all across the country so you would hear from me at frequent intervals.

I got a card today from cousin Pearl in which she said she liked the place where Mother is staying now.  It really must be good if she approves.  I sent the note in a letter to Mother.

Yours of 15 Jan came today.  I am glad you got lined up at Ft. McPherson.  You might as well take advantage of that while it lasts.  Thanks for getting the things for me.  I hope it doesn't put you to too much trouble.  I am just fine now except that today I turned my ankle for the second time within a week and it is pretty sore.  Every time I try wearing low shoes, I step in a hole in one of these streets and sprain my ankle.  I brought that pet ankle bandage of mine and it comes in handy.

I still hope to get up to Nikko next week for a week's relaxation, if something doesn't come up to block it.  I am due to leave Tuesday.  The only bad feature is that I won't be able to get your letters while I am up there, but I will look forward to reading them when I return.  This is a good deal in that it doesn't count against your leave time.  It is called "temporary duty."

Also, today I received your card from Jacumba, Calif.  I don't remember where that is, but judge it is just east of San Diego.  It is a pretty card.

The PX had some black silk stockings left over that they couldn't sell so I bought a pair for Cora.  I will try to get a good loud scarf to put with it and send it soon.

I am glad Carl and Bryant have some prospects of getting together soon.

I hope Tom Lemly's trouble doesn't come back on him.  He had a close call.

Tell Emily I am proud of her for sticking to her arithmatic, even if it isn't interesting.  I know she does it with a smile.  Speaking of smiles, are the girls getting lined up with the Brownies and Scouts?

Lots of love to all, and especially to you, my sweet.



Maj. Gillham was right about Jacumba, CA.  It is located about 60 miles east of San Diego on the Mexican border along what used to be U.S. 80, the family's route east.  At the time the family drove through it in 1945, the town was a world-class spa destination with the five-star Hotel Jacumba, which was a playground for the Hollywood set.  After the rise in popularity of the much closer Palm Springs and the construction of Interstate 8 farther north, the town fell into a precipitous decline and is just a dusty wayside today. 


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who cousin Pearl was? Martha

Russell Caldwell said...

I believe she was one of Effie's cousins in Tipton or Ripley, probably a Montague or Williford. I will check again for this letter among WTG's non-FHG letters.