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Maj. Gillham weighs in on the landlady debacle in Robles

In today's letter from Maj. Gillham he answers some of the questions that she puts forth in her letter of January 30, including the brouhaha with the landlady from Robles.  He gives a very reassuring answer, with just the pinch of vinegar I remember he had, and I can almost imagine him saying it aloud in my mind.

17 Feb 1946

Dearest Love,

Your letter of 30 Jan came today.  It was the first I had received in nearly two weeks.  I certainly was glad to get it.  It seems that the mail takes about three weeks now instead of 10 or 11 days, as it used to.

I have just returned from a USO play, "Three Men on a Horse."  It was a little raw in spots but well done and just the thing for the audience.  I enjoyed it very much.

Today I worked (Sunday) but I volunteered for it, because I want to get several consecutive days off a little later and go to Nara and Kyoto with Geo. Bull.

Last night I went to a big dance that they had at the hotel here.  It was quite a heterogeneous crowd with Russians, Chinese, Japanese, civilians and officers from every service.  They had a good band, and an excellent juggling act for a floor show.  Maj. Johnson from our office was celebrating his army discharge.  He is staying on as a civilian in the same job.  The drinks were on him.

As to that woman in Calif., I think you handled it just right.  Give her what in your own conscience you feel is right and not one cent more.  If she won't give you a complete release, don't give her anything.  I have no fear of her writing my C.O., I don't care if she does.  By the time she finds out who he is and gets a letter to him, I will probably be out of the army.  If not, all she will get in a case like this where there is a dispute as to the facts will be a letter informing her that the army is not a collection agency.  It is too bad we can't have more landlors like the Lytles in Cape Cod.

I said the little girl in Atami was named Musume, but that is just the word for daughter.  They called her that.  Anyway, it is a good name for a Japanese doll.

My friends in the Education Section say that Dr. Sutton's name wasn't on the last list of educators coming here.  They will be here in a few days, and I will check again.

You are the sweetest thing I know of anywhere.  I like to look into your eyes in your picture.  I feel almost like I am looking at your.

Lots of love,


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