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The girls go to a formal party and learn about kissing

Here is another newsy letter from Frances, dealing primarily with a birthday party the girls went to.

Mar 6, 1946

Dearest Angel Love,

You are constantly in my thoughts.  Spring has come early this year.  The daffodils, yellow jasmine and peach blossoms are all in full bloom.  It is like Charlottesville.  Across the street there is some lavender flower blooming just like the one we had on the side of our house in Charlottesville.  As I walk around and see the beautiful blossoms, my thoughts drift to you.  I think of such lovely things to say to you, if you were here by my side.  The things I'd say would be bright and gay as the daffodils in the sunlight or soft and gentle as the apple blossoms falling on Jerry asleep under the apple tree.

Emily, Monty and Margaret were invited to Claire Livingston's birthday party today.  She asked them and informed them that they were to come in evening dresses because they was to be a boy for each girl and they were going to dance.  You should have seen Bryant and me flying around here digging up her old evening dresses to cut up for our children!  Claire was ten today.  Bryant made Margaret one out of white taffeta she had.  I cut up a lovely pink organdy one for Emily.  Emily pinned a blue velvet ribbon on the shoulder and had a blue velvet ribbon in her hair.  She looked like an angel -- and she said she felt like one, too.  When she came home she sighed in her own Emily way and said, "Mother, I just wish I could wear evening dresses all the time!"

Monty had a blue-ish purple dress with ruffles on it.  She wore a camellia in her hair.  She had her hair up on top of her head like the picture we had made in Chicago.  She was darling.

They played "Spin the Bottle" and other forms of kissing games.  Margaret was too young to let it bother her, so she was quite the belle of the ball!  Monty said that she kissed one little boy twice and he kissed her three times.

Emily came home a bit more evasive.  She said that she had to the boys five or six time and -- oh, yes -- they kissed her, too.  She thought it was rather silly, but Monty just loved it!  Monty said tonight at supper that she was going to have a birthday next and that was the kind of party she wanted to have!  Quite a contrast to the party she had last year when you led the children in "Follow the Leader."

You better come home and look after your daughters or some other young man will!!  They are growing up so fast!

I went out to Fort McPherson on Monday and had two teeth extracted.  They were my two right wisdom teeth.  I nearly fainted when he shot the Novocaine in.  I remembered at Woodrow Wilson when I fainted with you there.  There was a slight infection under the lower one, and I went out this morning to have it treated.  I'll go again Saturday.

Bryant just told me a joke she heard at her Grey Lady work.  Here it is --

A lady got on a crowded street car and worked her way back to the middle of the car.  She leaned over and whispered to a man in an aisle seat, "Mister, please may I have your seat, I am expecting and.. er"  The man gallantly arose and let the lady sit down.  Then he began to notice that she didn't show any signs of expecting.  So he asked her, "Lady, you don't look as if you are expecting.  How far along are you?"  "Oh," said the lady, "thirty minutes, and I am just exhausted!"

The two other boxes of brass arrived and I have to admit that I was overcome and flabbergasted when I unpacked it all and saw so much tarnished brass sitting around me.  The gong and all those big pieces seemed to much for me.  However, I am polishing one piece a day and they are really handsome.  Mother has just put all her vases away and I am placing the polished pieces of brass about the house.  In that way, they shine and glow and give a bit of warmth to the whole house.  Each piece I polish I become attached to, because I enjoy seeing them shine under my work.  Tell me what is valuable and what you'd like to keep.  I am in a quandary about giving any away until you come back.

Monty's kimono came today.  It is beautiful.  She loves it.  It fits her nicely and is just the right length for her.  Emily put it on and it fits her except for length.  She put the tabes and clogs on, too, and pretended that she was a real Japanese girl.

My most beautiful silk scarf, the silver desk blotter and two pins came.  The design on the blotter is elegant.  You have such excellent taste.  And you have been wonderful about sending us such lovely things.  I get so excited every time a package comes from you.  I had a terrible time waiting for Monty to come home from school today so she could open her kimono.

I had an inspiration today -- one of those kind that come upon you and seem just the thing.  I'd like to go to Bermuda with you when you get back.  You may be too tired of ships and traveling when you get back, but if you are not and we can arrange it financially and otherwise, I'd just love to go.  The thoughts of it seem so interesting and nice.  Anyway, I think I'll inquire about it just for fun.

All my love,


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