Sunday, June 27, 2010

More news from Atlanta, including a basketball game

Here is another letter from Frances catching Maj. Gillham up on all the goings-on in Atlanta.  She talks about a basketball game between Seminary and NAPS, which is the Washington Seminary high school and the North Avenue Presbyterian School.  Both schools later merged to become what is now the Westminster School.

After the game, they all went to the Varsity, which is probably familiar to most readers. It is a famous hamburger drive-in founded in 1928 a few blocks east of Georgia Tech, and it is still very much an Atlanta institution.

Dearest, My Love,

The big box of silks came today.  In it were the things for Cora, the kimono for Emily, the lovely blue silk pajamas for me, the handkerchiefs, scarf, stockings and the handsome brocade.  They are all simply lovely.  It is hard to say which I like best.  I was delighted to get the blue silk and parachute material, too.  I am going to try to make us some nice frilly things out of them.

I can hardly wait to wear the blue pajamas for you.  I'll be sure they are nice and fresh, too!

What can the brocade be used for?  Is it a cover or do you make coats out of it?  I think it is handsome.

Mr. Weisiger came over yesterday afternoon about two with Professor Sutton.  Sutton just brought him by.  He is not coming to Japan now.

Mr. K.W. looked at all the brass and liked it very much.  He enjoyed the little books you sent Monty.  He had a nice time with the "rubber foot" dolls.

He read us an article he has written on the re-education of Japan.  I will send it along.  He gave me a copy for you.  He stayed until five o'clock.  Then I drove him home.

Father returned from the convention in Chicago last night.  He had a fine time, because he had a chance to do some sightseeing.  He and Mr. Durden, one of his salesmen, went to see the Field Museum and the Aquarium.  Father enjoyed the natural history exhibits with the animals in natural habitats. He also remarked about your elephants.

This morning I called the doctor in to see Martha.  She had a fever of 100 degrees this morning.  That was under her arm, too.  The doctor came out and said she had tonsillitis.  He said it would be four or five days before the tonsils would subside entirely.  However, he said she would improve each day.

She is so pitiful and forlorn.  Emily says that she feels especially sad because Martha is so good and uncomplaining.  She is so sad -- and so am I.  She has slept most all day and is sleeping away now.

Peg writes that Carol West's husband, Scotty, is back from Japan and I hear that most of the others around Robles have returned, too.

Tonight Bryant and I took Emily, Monty and Margaret to the Seminary-NAPS annual basketball game.  Seminary won 30-14.  Dorothy Fugitt gave up her job as phys. ed. teacher at NAPS this year, so they had a new coach.

Emily was more interested in the cheerleaders.  She has been doing all the antics ever since.  She came home making up yells and cheers for her grade at school.  Monty can hardly wait to be large enough to play basketball.  She said tonight that she'd just love to play.

After it was over, Bryant drove us around Tech and up to the Varsity for hamburgers and Orange Crush.  Emily said, "Mother, aren't we having an elaborate evening!"  Margaret enjoyed it immensely, too.  She remarked to her mother that she was staying up late tonight and that it must be midnight.  It was only nine, but Margaret had such a large time it seemed terribly late.

Please see if you can get Margaret a kimono.  She is five and wears about a size six.  Monty's red one came and she loves it.

Darling, you are an angel to be so kind and thoughtful to all of us.  You are an angel anyway, tho, and I love you to pieces.

All my love,


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