Thursday, July 29, 2010

A letter to Emily

On the same day as our last letter, Maj. Gillham penned a quick letter to his daughter Emily.  Word had made it to him about the notorious kissing party, but he seems to be quite proud that his daughter is growing up.

23 Mar 46

Dear Emily,

I have received several letters from you in the last few days, one dated 19 Feb, one 5 Mar and the post card of Uncle Remus.  You write very good and interesting letters.  Your handwriting is fine.  Don't worry about it being big.  That way you can learn to make more perfect letters.  Later on it will naturally get smaller.

I am glad you like your arithmetic book.  It isn't necessary for learning to be painful.  It should be fun.

So you went to a party and wore an evening dress!  And danced with boys!  And kissed them!!  My, what a grown daughter I will have when I get home.  Don't forget -- we are going to have a date when I get home.  Will you let me have a kiss, too?

Do you have a scout troop yet?  It is very pretty in the country around Atlanta at this time of year.  Get Mother to show you some of the nice places.

Lots of love,


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