Sunday, August 8, 2010

Carl is finally stateside, and Bryant prepares to meet him

Today's letter from Frances is actually written in pencil, and at the end of the letter you will find out why.  The big news is that Carl is back in the U.S. and that he and Bryant will be reunited in a matter of days.

March 27, 1946

Dearest Lovely,

I hope you are getting my letters.  I have been writing regularly.  I have sent them all air mail, too.  It distresses me terribly when you don't get the mail.  I have been doing a lot of lobbying around as well as letter-writing to see what I can do to help the situation.

It will be a pleasure to house hunt with you, darling, even if things are hard to find.

If you start in Atlanta, you have a place already.  Bryant will be gone and we can have the big front room here.  If we go to Memphis, we have the place in Kerrville.  Really, I think we are fortunate to have two places available immediately.

Last night Carl called Bryant from Oceanside at Camp Pendleton.  He is stateside at least.  He has to process and discharge troops that live west of the Mississippi before he comes to Le Jeune.  It will be about 10 days.

Bryant is going to drive up to meet him at Le Jeune and leave Margaret here.  She has made herself some lovely clothes.

Today Bryant asked me to take her out to Fort McPherson to have her two wisdom teeth extracted.  The dentist couldn't take her until Friday.  She and I went to the Officers Club for lunch.  They serve very nice meals there.  The grounds are lovely and they adjoin the golf course.  I've used the club just as a place to eat out once or twice, but it is lovely for that.

Elizabeth would like to have me introduce her to some young officers out there, but I don't know anyone to start introducing me to any, much less some to her.  It is a like eating in a public place as far as meeting anyone is concerned.  I like that about it because the only one I'd like to meet there is you.

Martha is over here by me and is at the table with a pencil and paper, too.  She is scribbling on the back of an old envelope and having a gleeful time being big like Mother!

Much love,



Martha said...

Did any of my scribbling make it to the letter?

Russell Caldwell said...

Martha, as far as I can tell there was nothing of yours in the envelope or on Grandmother's letter.