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Maj. Gillham secures a movie camera

This is an interesting letter for family members since it hints at the existence of movies that Maj. Gillham may have taken while in Japan.  His 8mm film collection is legendary in the family, but I don't recall ever seeing any film taken while he was in Tokyo.  It may be that, contrary to what he says in this letter, he never made duplicates of the films he is taking with the borrowed camera.  And we may yet hear about what actually happened in subsequent letters.

Maj. Gillham has also given up on the idea of traveling home via the Mediterranean, due mainly to the high tolls exacted by the British for use of the Suez Canal.  I am not sure what the tolls were in 1946, but today, with the canal owned jointly by a private company and the country of Egypt, the average toll per ship is $150,000.

There is a second letter added after this letter below which was mailed on the same day and which was used as a cover letter for some photographs.

8 April 1946

Dearest Darling,

We have been very busy for the last few days trying to meet an advanced deadline for the current summation.  I have received several letters from you recently, including the registered one.  It came a little slower than the others, but much faster than the old ship-borne mail.

A few minutes ago Marshall Brandon walked in.  I had tried to get in touch with him, but the address you sent me was Co. H.  He is really in Co. A.  He had just gotten word of my address.  He seemed to be a very nice young fellow -- reminded me somewhat of Father.

I am sorry to hear of Mother Ki's trouble.  Hope she is better now.  I don't think Mother is getting along too well either.

I got a letter today from Nellie Montague.  She said she was much better now but that John was ailing.

I recently sent a package to Ellen with one of those white table cloth sets for her and Earnest, a silk scarf for Terry and some Jap army insignias for Monte.

Your most recent letter is the note on the card with the cute little deer on it.

It is cherry blossom time here now.  I have been itching for your movie camera.  Recently I have worked out an arrangement which may help.  A newly arrived civilian employee assigned to my Section, a Miss Linzel, brought a camera just like ours.  She has some black and white film and two rolls of color.  She had never taken any movies, so I am helping her and I am going to get duplicate sets of the film.  We just went down  to the Ginza and took some B&W of the crowds.  Tomorrow we are going out and have lunch with Geo. Bull and take some shots of a parade taken from the roof of the Dai-Ichi Bldg.

My most recent Japanese children's song is one about spring.  It has a cute little tune and would be translated:

Spring has come, spring has come
Where has it come?
It has come in the mountains
It has come in the fields
It has come in all the countryside

Then there are other similar verses for buds, flowers, etc.  I haven't been able to get a record of it, but I have picked up several other records.

I love you, my darling, and I am counting the days until I can again hold you in my arms. 

I don't think there is much chance of my going by the Mediterranean because of the exorbitant British toll at Suez.  I think I told you that once.

I am anxious to see what kind of a suit you got.  I'll bet you look pretty in it.

I don't know what to say about the Bermuda trip.  Go ahead and investigate it so we will have the facts.  It would be lovely if we could do it.

Lots of love,



8 Apr 46

Dearest Love,

Here are a few more pictures.  They were mostly taken on my last weekend trip to Miyanoshita.

I love you.  I'll be seeing you again before long, and won't I be glad.

Lots of love,


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