Friday, December 23, 2011

Major Gillham makes it safely to Osaka

 Today Maj. Gillham continues his attempt to get to Kyushu to meet with officials of the Japanese power company. 

18 Apr 46

Dearest Darling,

We weren't able to fly yesterday because of the rain, so we came as far as Osaka last night by train.  This morning we weren't able to fly from here because of gusty winds up to 65 MPH.  So we have spent the day bumming around Osaka.  Saw Atwood and had supper with him.  We have been making our headquarters at the New Osaka Hotel where he is billeted.  They gave us a room for the day and fed us excellent meals.  It is a fine hotel.  We are leaving by train again tonight and will try to make Kyushu by tomorrow sometime.

Loads of love,


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