Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stressful times on the homefront

Today we hear from Frances again, and it seems Maj. Gillham's absence is starting to wear on her.  She vents a bit in the first paragraph, but then settles into the news-from-home routine. 

April 15, 1946


Since you have been away, we have not fussed in out letters to each other. I haven't written you for the last two days because I know my letters would have started a nice hot argument. I wrote you one and tore it up. It was full of things that would have made you mad as hops.

I've been feeling queerly the last few days -- I don't have that safe, secure feeling any more. I feel like I'd want to do something foolish and wicked. You could cure my troubles in a very short time, but this business of substituting gets me mixed up. I am feeling better today so I want to write you quickly.

Yesterday Emily joined the church along with about thirty other children. Mother 'Cile, Monty and I felt that Emily was the best dressed and most serious one of the group. She wore her blue coat suit, new shoes, white gloves and brown hat. She took her pledge with grave solemnity.

Yesterday afternoon I took the three big girls to a tulip show at the Auditorium. Afterwards we went out to the High Museum of Art. While I was there, I inquired if they'd like to exhibit my brass collection. They seemed interested.

Margaret's kimono and Bryant's pearls arrived Saturday. They are simply beautiful. You are a darling, darling dear to be so sweet and thoughtful. Bryant will write you when she returns.

If you could get Mother a table cloth, she would be thrilled to pieces.

Don't worry about the Bermuda trip. It was just one of those brainstorms I have once in a while. I know you will be tired of traveling by the time you get back. Besides, it will be more expensive than we'll feel like putting out for at that time.

I understand that McDowell and Barlow and Bonner are the sales echelon here in Ga.

The children get holidays Thurs., Friday and Monday for Easter holidays, and Elizabeth can't have us there for she is going away.

I am at Fort Mc with Emily today. She had a recurrence of her Chicago difficulty and I am going to get her checked up and find out the source of the infection. We had lunch at the officers' club and Emily was much delighted with the club. She thought it was quite an elegant place.

I can hardly wait for your return. It will be divine to have you back again, to live with, argue with and have fun with again.


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