Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Emily writes two letters

Today we find two letters from Emily that she has written to her dad, Maj. Gillham.  We know for sure the first one was sent and received, since it was found in the envelope postmarked May 25th.  The other letter was also found in this envelope, but it is dated a month earlier and is incomplete.  It may have been sent along with the first letter, or placed in the envelope afterwards.  The second letter ends mid-sentence, not because a page is missing, but because Emily simply stopped writing in the middle of the page.  We may never know how these two letters came to be found together, but I am sure Maj. Gillham enjoyed them immensely.  Incidentally, in tomorrow's post we will hear more about the dance recital Emily talks about below.

May 25, 1946

Dear Daddy,

You really can think up the nicest things to send us.  I do believe you have sent us everything imaginable.

I was on a dance program last night.  I did a toe dance. Monty did a tap dance to the music Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe.

This really is a short letter, isn't it?

Lots of love,


April 16, 1946

Dear Daddy,

I would like to write you about the legend of the dogwood.  If you know it, that's just too bad, but if you don't here it is.

Once long ago when Jesus was living, the dogwood was big and strong and tall like the oak.  Well, when Jesus was going to be crucified, the Romans chose the dogwood to be the cross.  Well, at this the dogwood was angry to used for such a cruel purpose.  So, while Jesus was on the cross he told the dogwood that he would make him a little small knotted tree so that he would never have to be used for such a cruel purpose.  The blossom would have two long petals and two short petals to represent the cross.  The [...]

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martha said...

Emily did such a good job of explaining the legend of the dogwood. I wish she had finished it. 2 such sweet letters!