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Frances ponders Maj. Gillham's future

Frances is now in high gear preparing for Maj. Gillham's return, and she has even taken the initiative in seeking out possible job opportunities for her soon-to-be civilian husband.  She also makes an interesting comment about his possibly buying a boat in the future, which he eventually does in the 1960s.

May 29, 1946

Dearest Darling,

Were we delighted with an avalanche of mail from you!  Your ship's diary was most interesting.  I am so very glad that you are getting a chance to rest, eat and sleep.  You should be in excellent health by the time you get back!

I think you are smart to learn all you can about navigation.  Maybe someday you can get a yacht or at least a fancy sailboat!  Then you can take us out by yourself.

Does your ship put in at Boston?  Should I write in care of the port director there or should I use c/o Fleet P.M. New York?

How did the whales look?  Suppose you had been a whaler, would it have been a good year's catch?

Hal Noyes, a Marine friend of Bryant and Carl's, got out of the service recently and was giving me some tips on how to look for a $6,000 to $7,000 a year job.  He has been to New York and thru a friend was able to call on about thirty Wall Street execs who live in the rarefied air.  He has had several good offers and now it is just a matter of choice with him.  He gave me the name and address of the man who got him the entree.  Also, when he was in New York he told the man about you.  I haven't written to you about it before because I was afraid you'd think I was interfering too much again.  Since you mentioned in your letter that you'd see what the Telephone Co. would offer and then try other places, I thought I'd say something about Mr. Towne.

Hal Noyes and his wife called on us when we lived in La Jolla.  He looked like Father, then, but he doesn't now.

Emily was pleased as punch that she could tell me you were going to send me an orchid by air mail.  It was in her flowers folder.  You are a darling to do such a lovely thing.  It will be my very first orchid.  I wish I could keep it till you come home, so I could wear it somewhere with you.

I can hardly wait to get it.  I wonder what color it will be?  Mother Cile says she visited the orchid garden.

Mother, Pop and Elizabeth are leaving in a few minutes for Florida.  They will be gone for four or five days.

Emily is going to have a tacky party for her birthday.  She will have six girls in for dinner Thursday night and she has requested that they all come dressed tacky.

There is a wheat shortage here now and only because Mother knows the bakery lady are we able to get a cake for Emily's birthday.

Thank you for all the interesting letters and folders you sent us from Hawaii.  We have enjoyed them very much.

I am looking forward to the day when I can be with you again.

I am glad you've had a chance to rest, because your letters are like they were before we married.  Even though I've been married nearly thirteen years, I enjoy getting a romantic love letter from you again.  It peps me up as nothing else could.  I feel like I am a young bride again, and I get anxious to see you again, my darling.

Father is going to mail this for me so I must close.  But remember that you are my onliest true love and I can hardly wait to see you.


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