Friday, January 27, 2012

Pitching in at a church social, and waiting...

Now that Maj. Gillham is on the way home, Frances is consumed with both elation and apprehension.  She seems to worry excessively about the fate of her letters to him, but the worry is tinged with hope and anticipation.  Incidentally, several years earlier, Mother Cile and Pop had been to Hawaii to visit Bryant and Carl, which explains one of Frances' comments below.

May 27, 1946

Dearest Angel Pie,

Your letter from Pearl Harbor arrived yesterday.  I was delighted to know that you're getting nearer home every day.  However, I am distressed that you didn't get my letter when you arrived.  I thought that letter I sent to you at Pearl was especially newsy as I seemed to have so much to tell you.  Dan and Carl arrived about the same time your letter from Tokyo did.  From the information in your letter and the speed of your ship, they decided that any other letters sent to Pearl would miss you.  So, I sent only one there and have been writing to you at the Canal Zone.  I hope the ones you receive at Balboa will help make up for the ones you didn't get in Hawaii.

I love you so much, darling, and it grieves me terribly when I feel that I have been the cause of your feeling sad or let down.  I know how you must have felt when the other man received four and you didn't get even one.  I am sorry that my one little letter wasn't there waiting for you.  My heart and mind have been with you all along the trip, though, hoping you are having a fine time and getting a good rest.  I know your arthritis could use plenty of sunshine and rest.

We are all anxious to hear about your trip around Oahu.  Mother says that you and she will have plenty to discuss when you get here.

Tonight Elizabeth and I undertook to prepare supper for the young people at the church.  We made salad and tea for a hundred and only sixty showed up.  All of Mother's neighbors had salad and tea for their supper, too.  Emily and Monty went down to help us and they had such a good time doing it that they came home and told Mother Cile that they would help every Sunday night.  Elizabeth and I told the girls they could help anytime that they wanted to but that we'd had enough for a long time to come!

Father has been the grand councilor for the Atlanta chapter of the traveling mens' association.  So, he has been appointed a delegate to the convention to be held at Gainesville, Florida, next week.  His expenses will be paid, so he says he can afford to take Mother with him this time.  They will drive down Wednesday and stay until Sunday.  Elizabeth is getting some vacation at the same time, so she will drive down that far with them and catch the bus there for Palmetto.  That leaves me here in charge of things.  Mother has been worrying and wondering if it will be too much for me to look after things while she is away.  Emily quietly reminded Mother that her mother had kept house for nearly thirteen years and that she was sure I could handle things for her.

It will be fine if you get home by June 23, for we have always managed to be together on that date all these twelve years.  That in itself is quite a record and it will be wonderful to be with you this time, too.



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Martha said...

What a surprise that My parents had only been married for 12 years when all this happened. For some reason I assumed it had been much longer