Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two letters in one envelope from Frances

I found the following two letters in the same envenlope, but only the first one had a date on it.  The envelope was postmarked May 3, as well, but there's no telling when (or if) the second letter was sent.  However, the subject matter and timeline seem to fit in with the first letter, at any rate.  The china has arrived, and it is still in the Gillham family, distributed among the three daughters.

May 3, 1946

Dearest Darling,

My trip to Memphis pulled me out of my nadir and I have been feeling much better ever since. The prospects of your early return are encouraging, too.

I received your letter written April 25, where you were waiting for a train to return to Tokyo.

I'm glad you've seen Jack Wrightson again. What is he planning to do? If he goes home would he go to Maryland or Puerto Rico?

I had a letter from Yuyo and she said that her sister had died recently from a kidney operation in Philadelphia.  I had an Easter card from Mary Elizabeth.  She told me not to be so stuck up about my phone call from you because George called her Easter. I bet you told him how to work it.  You are so clever and smart!

Elizabeth and I have had a run-in and are now settled back as good friends again.  The whole household was upset over the affair.  It was something while it lasted but now that it is all over I never wait to remember it again.  It will be a long time before I want to talk about it, too.

By the time you arrive, all the squabbles should be over and we all can live in peace and harmony.  I hope we won't have to have one to settle down.  I'm getting too old to take them. They wear me out!

Martha plays in the yard with the big girls all the time.  She knows her way around the neighborhood very well.  So, twice lately she has opened the screen door and gone down the steps and across the street all by herself.

The binoculars you sent are fine. I like to look through them.

All my love,


Dearest Love,

The china arrived yesterday and we are all thrilled to pieces.  Fortunately we are thrilled over 93 whole pieces of beautiful china.  I have only unpacked the first one of each box until you come and we know what we will do.  There is no place to put it here and then we'd have to repack it ourselves.

I think your "pig in a poke" was a great success.  You know where to poke the pig properly, I guess.

Your letter about Hiroshima will be published in the June or July edition of the Sou. Tel. News.

Martha caught Margaret's measles and has a terrible case.  It is the kind that is hard on the eyes and has so many after effects.  However, it should be over by the end of next week.

The coal strike is getting to be terrible.  The railroads are even cutting down on their schedules.  Maybe you'll have to fly from the west coast to here unless things improve.  However, soldiers are still given preference and they'd better give you 1st priority to come home soon to me!

I received your letter today written from Fukaoka.  I am glad you've had such an interesting, pleasant time there.  You are one person who can get the most out of an opportunity.  I am so proud of you, darling.

The girls and I are in the front bedroom now and Elizabeth is in the back one.  Bryant, Carl and Margaret have gone.

Dan is coming down this weekend, and Bryant is coming thru next weekend.

We have an invitation to visit in New River again when you return.

I hope every day is a day closer to the one I shall see you again, darling.

As Monty said yesterday, Daddy has sent us everything except himself and he should send that soon!

I received your seventy-five dollar money order and deposited it.  Thank you kindly, darling.  I have a safety deposit box thanks to my friend Joe, otherwise known as Lucile Taylor.

All my love,


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