Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maj. Gillham's division stays in the Dai Ichi Building after all

Today's letter from Maj. Gillham is basically a follow-up from his previous one, since in the ensuing 24 hours he has found more letters from Frances.  And for you young folks out there, a "combined hand-set" is simply a normal telephone receiver, with talking and listening capabilities all in one, as opposed to the old wall units or candlestick phones of the 1930s.

5 Feb 1946

Dearest Darling,

When I got back last night I thought I had received only one letter from you while I was away, but today I found that a Sgt. that I didn't see yesterday had been saving my mail and I had four more nice letters from you and also your second package mailed Dec. 11.  That all gave me quite an uplift.  Thanks so much for the box.  It came through in good shape, but they really take a beating.  The main thing to remember is to pack the box tight so it won't crush even if an elephoant steps on it.  That is a very nice padlock.  I won't need another unless you have already sent it, as Capt. Lehman gave me one.  The marshmallows and figs are quite a change from what is available here.  The Virginia calendar is very pretty and brings back pleasant memories.  Thanks for it all.

Thanks for the story you sent.  I haven't read it yet but will tonight.  I am glad that you got the kimono and that you liked it.  I am glad that some of the packages are going through.  I have several things that I have collected that I will send now.

We didn't move out of the Dai Ichi Bldg. after all, only moved across the hall on the same floor.  I have a very nice layout for my division now.  We have some pretty good furniture, too.  I have a nice flat-top desk with a Western Electric combined hand-set telephone on it.  This has turned out to be quite a break for us.

I am glad to hear that Mother Ki is getting along so well.  Her vitality is surprising.  I didn't think she would be able to go upstairs.

Darling, your letters are excellently written and have such sweet thoughts behind them.  You are a dear.  I love you very much.


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