Monday, May 3, 2010

Countdown to Valentine's Day -- and the return home

Today's is more of an organizational letter, reporting what things have arrived and what things are on their way.

6 Feb 1946

Dearest Lovely Dovely,

Another Valentine came from you today.  You said you are ready -- well so am I.

I got a chance to look over the Virginia calendar more closely and it certainly brings back memories -- both the picture and the comments you put in.  Thanks a lot for them.  It personalizes it and makes me feel like I am looking at it with you.

Today I sent off six packages.  Two by air mail -- one containing pictures and the other addressed to Father containing birthday presents for Margaret, Mother 'Cile and Father.  They had to be small and light so I could send them by air in the hopes that they will arrive on time.

The other four packages contain various items I have collected lately.  One is to Monty containing a red kimono for her birthday.  You will notice that it was take up in the waist for the little girl that used to own it.  The best kimonos are all second hand, but they are in good shape, and after it is fitted to Monty it can be cleaned.  The storks on it are considered very lucky here.

The white silk scraps are from a parachute.  With them and the blue silk you should be able to make something.

I had a pair of black silk stockings and a loud scarf to send to Cora, but they got wrapped up in one of your packages.  Will you send them on to her?

On your Valentine you said you got the box to Martha.  I wonder which one.  What was in it?

I have been in Tokyo three months today.  This is about the halfway mark.  I should be home in this much more time.

I am enjoying the marshmallows and the figs.  You are a very dear, sweet, thoughtful, lovable wife -- and what's more, I love you.


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