Sunday, May 9, 2010

A surprise in an official Joint Chiefs document

Today we have a short letter from Maj. Gillham written mainly as a cover letter for his photo collection from Nikko.  As soon as I get a scanner I will start posting some of these pictures.  The postscript at the bottom is a reference to the fact that the Army of the Pacific's Rear Eschelon, which had been stationed in Manila, was now moved to Tokyo, so now all Army mail is routed to Tokyo.

9 Feb 1946

Dearest Darling,

Enclosed are some of the pictures that I took at Nikko.  Also a few others that were on the roll.  I have another roll that I haven't finished yet.

Received no mail again today, so I guess what is on its way is coming by boat.

George Bull had dinner with me and then I went to the train with him.  He is going to Niigata tonight and return tomorrow.  It is quite a strenuous trip as ther is no sleeper, but he is the most avid sightseer that I have run into.

I sent you a money order this morning for $100.  I hope you receive it O.K.

Tomorrow is Sunday, but I plan to work. I will get the time off a little later.

Today I was looking at a document put out by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington and sent to the Commanding Generals of all the theaters and other high places, giving a digest of the situation in Japan.  I could see sentences, the construction of which I had puzzled over two months ago.  They were there intact without change.

This is the longest I have ve been separated from you since we were married.  I am not in favor of it.  It is entirely too long a time and I want to see you very much.

The time will pass, though, I guess, and then won't it be fun.

Lots of love,


P.S. Adv. Esch. is not necessary in my address any more.

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