Friday, July 16, 2010

A quick, enigmatic letter from Maj. Gillham

This is just a quick letter from Maj. Gillham, in which he mentions an enclosure that, alas, was not in the envelope when I received it.  One could guess that it was probably some sort of G.I. form letter that he received in his internal mailbox at work, or perhaps a joke letter of some sort.  We will never know.  Otherwise, his letter is quick, since he has received no letters from home to which to respond.  This is in sharp contrast to his next letter, so stay tuned!

19 Mar 1946

Dearest Love,

The enclosed letter might be named a "morale builder."  At least one good thing about receiving no mail is that I don't get any like this one.

The weather has been some warmer today, although it is still rainy.

I got a nice little baby set for Dan and Nancy today.  It is blue knit wool with a jacket, cap and booties.  I also have a hare-kari knife and a table cloth and napkins for them.  I will try to get it off tomorrow.  Maybe it will arrive before the big event.

A few letters have begun to trickle in, and I hope to get one before long.

I read a lot of discouraging things in the papers about the housing situation in the states.  I hate to go through that again, but I guess we will have to do it.  It looks like we never are on the right side of the fence, doesn't it?  Whatever the difficulties, I am looking forward to working on them with you.

I'll bet my girls are going to be so big I won't know them.

Lots of love,


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