Monday, July 19, 2010

Frances gets a batch of mail from Tokyo...

In today's letter we find that a number of letters have arrived from Tokyo, and Frances is "delighted."  Her greeting to Maj. Gillham is probably familiar to most of you, since it comes from the popular song "In The Good Old Summertime."

March 19, 1946

Dearest, My Tootsie Wootsie

Here is a song that is becoming popular here.  It is a follow-up to "Mairzy Doats" and "Chickery Chick."  In fact, it is written by the same man who wrote the first two:

One-zy, two-zy, I kiss you-zy
Two-zy, three-zy, you kiss me-zy
Three-zy, four-zy, we kiss some more-zy
Let's start counting higher-zy

I wonder if the Japanese could sing that one.  We were interested in the little song the soldiers had taught them to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down.

Today I was delighted .  I spent an hour reading the mail you sent me.  A batch of it came today.  One was sent Feb. 25.  The others were around Feb 8-15.  The pictures and cocoons arrived.  The article about climbing Fujiyama was included.  Your letter to El Paso to me arrived.  It was such a nice one.

You are an angel to help me out about Bryant and Margaret.  They have been a problem here for some time.  Now that Bryant knows Carl is on his way home, she has been much happier.  He expects to get here or rather to the West Coast about the first of April.  Please just send her pearls here.  You are such a darling to get them for her that I won't even get curious about mine.  At least not much!  I wish I could have seen the twinkle in your eye when you wrote me that!  You are so cute and I love you so much I could just eat you up.

I am glad you have been to Hiroshima.  I can hardly wait to hear all about it.  I think it is wonderful that you and George Bull are going to Nara and Kyoto.  You must remember all you can about them so you can tell me.  I enjoyed the cards and folders you sent of Nikko, even if I couldn't read it all.

I am glad you have found a friend who enjoys sightseeing as much as you do.

Monty's impetigo is improving.  I think it will be well in a day or so.

Bryant took me to an Officers' Wives Club luncheon today at Davison's.  I enjoyed it.  I wore my new shoes and hat.  I bought me a pair of gloves to match the flower on my hat.  Wouldn't I steal the show if that was all I had! -- a hat, bag, gloves and shoes!

Lots and houses of love,



The song Frances mentions is in fact called "One-Zy, Two-Zy (I Love You-Zy)" which was a hit in 1946 for several groups, including Freddy Martin and his Orchestra, and Phil Harris. Here is a YouTube link to the version by Phil Harris (who was the voice of Baloo the Bear in the Disney movie "The Jungle Book"):

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