Thursday, December 29, 2011

Frances reminisces about Monty's birth

This is another letter with no date on it, so I have placed it in order by its postmark, which is April 26, 1946.  Monty's eighth birthday is coming up on April 28th, and Frances recalls the day she was born. 

Dearest, My Beloved,

The days until your return will pass far too slowly for me. The date you were to become surplus has come and gone. I haven't heard from you since then. The last letter I received was the one you wrote when you had to return to Tokyo and take the train instead of the plane. So I don't expect to get a letter about that for a week or so yet. I'm just so anxious to hear that the time passes slowly for me. I am interested to hear what the doctor is able to do for you in regards to your terminal hospitalization.

I understand that Lawson will close June 30. You may get home in time to there, though. They have a big amputee ward there. I'm glad you aren't going there for that!

Bryant and Carl came home yesterday to find Margaret in the bed with the measles. They are the old bad kind where you have to watch the eyes and after effects. Bryant is delighted with the pearls. I think they are lovely, too. They have a rainbow lustre to them.

Eight years ago today you and Dr. Russell were going thru sleepless days and nights waiting for Monty to make her appearance. Do you remember? Or have the years helped you forget? I surely hope they have. Those days I still recall with anguish. Monty is worth it. She is growing into a sweet, helpful daughter and I wouldn't trade her for six other people's children. She is wonderful with Martha. She dresses her, feeds her and takes her out to play.

I am going to take Monty and several of the friends roller skating tomorrow to celebrate her birthday. We can't have a party here because Margaret is here with the measles and because the house and yard here are just too small for Monty and her active friends.

The girls have a holiday today because we are now south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Monty and Emily took the Japanese primer to school to show their friends. Monty's teacher was most interested in it and the Momo Taro fan Monty had. She asked me to let her read the story and show the faces to her class. Emily and I plan to use the faces at the scout meeting, too.

All my love to you,


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Katherine Caldwell said...

Monty still attracts active friends!