Saturday, December 31, 2011

Maj. Gillham gets his orders to return home

Today Maj. Gillham arrives from his trip to Kyushu and finds some very surprising news.  It seems he can hardly get his thoughts straight, and he writes a particularly short letter, most probably just to get the news on paper and send it out.

27 Apr 46

Dearest Lovely,

Just returned this morning from my trip. I got to Nara and Kyoto and most everywhere. It was a wonderful trip. I will tell or write you about it soon.

Things are happening so fast now that I can't keep up with them. When I returned I had orders to go to the replacement depot and head home.

The doctor that wants to send me to the hospital is also going home and I can't get in touch with him. I don't know just how it will work out, but I should be showing up during the latter half of May.

Several letters from you, Emily and Mother 'Cile were here. I think your idea about the Abbott Cottage is a fine one. It will give us a chance to get out breath and get acquainted again. I will try to keep you informed and will send cable when I know anything definite.

Enclosed is a money order for $75.

I am certainly excited at the prospect of heading home soon.

Walton Sugg came by to see me while I was away.

I am glad Emily is O.K.

Love to all,


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