Friday, January 13, 2012

Another letter from Mother Cile

Today we hear from Mother Cile one last time.  She sent the letter five days after Maj. Gillham left, but before word had reached Atlanta of his departure.  This letter was, alas, returned to 992 Washita, and Frances most likely included it in a packet of returned letters that she sent along to Maj. Gillham aboard the Alcor.  The clipping that Mother Cile enclosed is posted after the letter below.  Also please note her use of the name Marshall:  the first time she uses it, she is referring to Pop (Daniel Marshall Holsenbeck, Jr.), and the second time she means her nephew, Grace's son Daniel Marshall Brandon.

Atlanta, Ga.
May 13, 1946

Dearest Bill,

You were wonderful to remember me so beautifully -- and so many times -- the luncheon cloth is exquisite and the silk hoses are my pride possessions.  Many, many thanks.

We are anxiously expecting your return.  I am afraid you won't receive this letter, but nevertheless I want you to know how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness to me, and also to Mother Ki, Frances and the girls.  So many things happening all the time, that it has been hard to settle down and write letters lately.  Mother Ki was thrilled with her tea set and we use it every day, and everyone is so interested in it.

The china you sent Frances arrive in wonderful shape and it is exquisite.

You have an interesting family, and we have been enjoying them very much.

Yesterday Frances and I went to hear Bishop Moore at Glenn Memorial, who has just returned from Korea and Japan.  He was sent over by the Board of Missions of the Methodist Church, the Methodist Commission on Chaplains, and the Methodist Committee on Overseas Relief.  Enclosed is a clipping.  He only made these few remarks and preached a sermon, "On Mothers," and said at a future time he would tell about his trip in detail.

Tonight Frances and Liba have gone to Glenn Memorial to hear the glee club of Emory University.

We are having a lot of fun together.

Carl and Bryant have gone to Florida for a few days to see Carl's brother and will stop by Palmetto and spend the night with Grace, Marshall's sister.

We were so glad you saw Marshall.  When does he expect to get out?

Lots of love,

Mother Cile


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