Thursday, January 12, 2012

A birthday letter for Emily from aboard ship

A short letter today from Maj. Gillham, this time to his eldest daughter, Emily, whose birthday is on May 30.  This was her 11th birthday, which her father would ultimately miss by almost two months.  We will have to ask Emily if they ever did "step out" when he returned to Atlanta.

U.S.S. Alcor
12 May 46

Dear Emily,

Mother will read you from her letters all about the fine sea voyage I am having.  The object of this letter is to wish you a very happy birthday.  I was hoping that maybe I would get home in time for your birthday, but now it looks like I will be a little late.  I am bringing you a birthday present with me.

The main thing that I want to say is that I am very proud of you.  You have been a joy and a pleasure to both me and your mother ever since you were born.  You are growing up to be a sweet and lovely girl. I am very anxious to hurry home and see you again while you are still a little girl.  That won't last much longer -- a few more birthdays and you will be a young lady.  My!  You have a lot ahead of you, but I am sure you will be capable of coping with it.

I hope the future holds much happiness for you.  You have a daddy that loves you very much.

Don't forget, we have a date to step out together when I get home.

Lots of love,


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