Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The anticipation mounts

This is a normal update letter, with a tinge of excitement about Maj. Gillham's imminent return home.  Frances talks about the binoculars arriving -- I have a pair of his binoculars, but I believe it's a later model, from Sears.  At least I am assuming it's a different pair, because he wouldn't buy a pair of Sears binoculars in Japan.  Plus, the strap is plastic, which seems too modern.  If anyone in the family knows of the whereabouts of the original pair (or can confirm that the Sears pair is the original pair), please comment below.  Also, if anyone knows what a valapack is, please let us know as well.

April 30, 1946

Dearest Love,

Your binoculars arrived today in fine condition. The china has never come and the box with the swords hasn't arrived, but everything else you have written about has come, I believe.

You have been wonderful to us to send us so many lovely, interesting things. The only other big thing we want you to send home is your own sweet self. We are hoping every day that will be the day we hear you are on your way home.

When Martha saw the binoculars she wanted to look thru them like we did -- only she wouldn't put them over her eyes. She put them below her eyes and looked around as usual.

Martha's big toes turn up at the end like yours. We were delighted to notice that just because we think anything that reminds us of you is just wonderful!

At my scout meeting today we built a fire and toasted marshmallows. Saturday we are going on a hike to Fernbank. We'll drive them out there in cars and then hike from there.

I saw Annie Sue Anderson Brown at the Book Fair last night. She certainly looked good. She has been teaching at Girls' High all the time. Gordon taught at Tech until he was in the service, he has been in Europe, and he just returned from Brazil. She asked us to come see them when you returned. She lives across from the Piedmont Driving Club.

Carl and Bryant have just come in with a new foot locker valapack and wardrobe suitcase! This moving problem!



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